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In “Field Notes from the Future,” (8/1) author Richard Louv, an expert who participated in the "Obesity Part 1: What's needed to encourage a culture of fitness?" discussion, summarizes the discussion, including key quotes of note from fellow experts.


Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Research & Policy Bob Litan participated in the NewTalk conversation on "Can we afford our entitlement promises: How close is the cliff?" Writing for the Kauffman Foundation blog "Growthology," (7/22) Litan writes: “I hope this forum will help to bring entitlement spending to the forefront of American thought - both with political leaders and the public."


Blogger Jane Genova of Law and More (7/8) followed the “What is the role of the courts in making social policy?” discussion on NewTalk, zoning in on how Philip Howard frames the issue: “Someone sues for an accident in the playground--arguing that seesaws are unreasonably dangerous. Just the availability of the claim results in the removal of seesaws around the country. Should a plaintiff have this unilateral power? Or should a judge defend social norms of reasonable risk as a matter of law?"

The National Arbitration Forum Blog (7/9) posted a recap of the courts/social policy discussion, focusing on Moderator Gillian Hadfield’s and Ken Feinberg’s comments on arbitration.

Ted Frank of AEI took a break from his own blog Overlawyered (7/9), which chronicles the high cost of the legal system, to take part in the 3-day online forum.


Health care blog HealthBlawg (6/25) noted the “all-star panel” of experts, including Peggy O’Kane, John Rother, and Tim Jost, who participated in the NewTalk discussion on “Chronic care: Do we need an entirely new model of delivery?” The Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report (6/27) counted NewTalk among the ground-breaking online forums “presenting new perspectives on policy issues and drawing attention to under-reported topics.”


A number of blogs, including the New York Times “City Room” Blog (6/17), covered the NewTalk launch conversation on “Is it possible to fix government?” The coverage specifically highlighted Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s posts on partisanship. Bloggers noted the Mayor’s comment during the NewTalk discussion on fixing government: "I understand that we’re not going to completely eliminate partisanship from Washington. But I don’t think we’re going to make real progress on the fundamental challenges we face—health care, global warming, education, and energy, to name a few—until we help more of those in Washington quit smoking the partisanship pipe.” See also: New York Daily News “The Daily Politics” (6/17); Anil Dash (6/17); and Crazy Lawsuit Game (6/18).


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