NewTalk,2008-02-07://2 2013-06-05T16:30:37Z Where experts discuss America's toughest issues Movable Type Publishing Platform 4.02a NewTalk Founder Delivers "Stunning" TED Talk,2010://2.105 2010-02-23T15:40:46Z 2010-02-23T16:17:38Z Admin The video of NewTalk founder and frequent NewTalker Philip K. Howard’s TED Talk, Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System, is now available online via TED, Huffington Post, and, the blog of NewTalker Walter Olson:

TED Curator Chris Anderson posted the following comments on the Talk via Twitter:

We’re about to release a talk from TED2010 that I wish every member of Congress, every Supreme Court justice would see…  about 8 hours ago

Philip Howard on how to ease the suffocating stranglehold of law in US Please RT. Stunning talk. #TED  about 8 hours ago

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