NewTalk,2008-02-07://2 2013-06-05T16:30:37Z Where experts discuss America's toughest issues Movable Type Publishing Platform 4.02a NewTalk Founder Featured in CBS News Report, 'Sacling Back Justice?',2009://2.98 2009-10-19T15:22:27Z 2009-10-19T15:42:06Z Admin The lead story on CBS News’ “Sunday Morning” yesterday was a report on the impact of legal fear in America.   segment featured NewTalk founder Philip K. Howard, and discussed his latest book, Life Without Lawyers.  In an interview, Howard explained that “law is vital in a free society....But law is a framework for freedom.  It shouldn’t be a system of micromanagement where it gets in the way of everyone’s daily choices.”

The report also featured interviews with several supporters of Howard's message, including fellow NewTalker Randi Weingarten. “Phil Howard is one of our heroes,” said Weingarten, referring to Howard’s advocacy for teachers:

There's some notion that has seemed to leave us, that teachers have a lot of common sense. And if you actually left it to their own professional latitude and judgment, and their own common sense, they could do a really good job....To trust people is what he's saying. And I think that's heroic.

[CBS Sunday Morning]