NewTalk,2008-02-11://2 2013-06-05T16:30:37Z Where experts discuss America's toughest issues Movable Type Publishing Platform 4.02a NewTalk Founder: Health Reform Needs to Focus on Cost Containment, Personal Responsibility,2009://2.103 2009-12-21T15:28:23Z 2009-12-22T15:50:27Z Admin In an op-ed for the New York Daily News, NewTalker Philip K. Howard argues that, with the American health care system’s estimated $1 trillion of wasted spending every year, reform needs to focus on containing costs.  “That's the only way America can afford universal care,” Howard writes.  He continues that “[w]hat's missing in American health care is a basic principle essential to all human accomplishment: Individual responsibility, in this case responsibility for prudent use of health care resources.”  To achieve this, Howard outlines a four-pronged overhaul to the current system: “(1) pay doctors based on overall results, not piecework reimbursement; (2) require patients who can afford it to pay a meaningful portion of their care; (3) minimize defensive medicine by creating a reliable system of medical justice; (4) reduce bureaucratic overhead and complexity (which also clears out the thicket in which fraud can hide).” 

For a more detailed explanation, read the entire article on the New York Daily News website.