NewTalk,2008-02-11://2 2013-06-05T16:30:37Z Where experts discuss America's toughest issues Movable Type Publishing Platform 4.02a Philip K. Howard on Malpractice Reform and Health Courts (The Atlantic),2009://2.95 2009-09-14T21:32:47Z 2009-10-13T15:34:09Z Admin Jay Greene hasn't been the only NewTalker advocating reforms.  NewTalk founder and frequent participant Philip K. Howard has been busy with his correspondence for Since the release last week of the Common Good- and CED-funded survey showing that a large majority of voting Americans are interested not only in medical malpractice reform but a system of specialized health courts to resolve malpractice cases (a cause for which both Howard and Common Good have long advocated), Howard has written two articles on the subject.

In Next Steps for Malpractice Reform, Howard calls on President Obama and Congress to listen to the popular voice's call for reforming the legal system to curb defensive medicine.

In The Menu of Malpractice Reforms, Howard expands on this idea, alluding to the President's pledge to "promote pilot projects to solve the problem of defensive medicine," and arguing that "creating special health courts is the proposal advanced by most serious observers to eliminate the incentives for defensive medicine—including by consumer groups such as AARP, patient safety groups, medical societies such as the AMA and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and by such thought leaders as Bill Bradley, Mark McClellan, Newt Gingrich, and David Brooks." Referring again to the survey, Howard further notes that the health courts proposal also has 67% approval from the public.

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