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Jonathan Rauch
Guest Scholar
The Brookings Institution

Jonathan Rauch is a senior writer and columnist for National Journal magazine in Washington and a correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly and a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution. In 2005 he received the National Magazine Award for columns and commentary.

His latest book is Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America, published in 2004 by Times Books (Henry Holt). Although much of his writing has been on public policy, he has also written on topics as widely varied as adultery, agriculture, economics, gay marriage, height discrimination, biological rhythms, and animal rights.

His award-winning column, “Social Studies,” is published in National Journal and focuses on culture, foreign affairs, politics, and law. His articles also appear regularly in The Atlantic, The New Republic, The Economist, Reason, Harper’s, Fortune, Reader’s Digest, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, Slate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, among others.

In his 1994 book Demosclerosis —revised and republished in 2000 as Government’s End: Why Washington Stopped Working —he argues that America’s government is becoming gradually less flexible and effective with time, and suggests ways to treat the malady. His 1993 book Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought (published by the University of Chicago Press) defends free speech and robust criticism, even when it is racist or sexist and even when it hurts. In 1992 his book The Outnation: A Search for the Soul of Japan questioned the then-conventional wisdom that Japan was fundamentally different from the West.

In 1996, with Robert Litan, he also co-authored a report for the U.S. Treasury Department on the future of the financial-services industry (American Finance for the 21st Century). In 1995 he spent a year as a visiting writer for The Economist magazine in London, and in 1997 he returned as guest editor of the Christmas special issue.

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