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Michael E. Levine
Distinguished Research Scholar and Senior Lecturer
New York University School of Law

Michael E. Levine is Distinguished Research Scholar and Senior Lecturer at New York University School of Law. For the previous three years he was Professor (Adjunct) of Law at Yale. He held a similar position at Harvard for three years (1999-2002) after leaving Northwest. He has previously served as Dean of Yale University’s School of Management and held professorial chairs at Caltech, Yale and USC. Levine has been an academic visitor at the London School of Economics and Duke University. He has done pioneering research on airline deregulation, on the application of market mechanisms to airport congestion, on committees and agendas and on the origins of regulation and the behavior of regulatory agencies.

As an airline executive, Levine has served at Continental and Northwest as an Executive Vice President and was President and CEO of New York Air, guiding that post-deregulation airline to its first profit. In his most recent industry position at Northwest Airlines, Levine was responsible for all marketing, pricing, sales and route and fleet planning activities, for its international alliances and overseas establishments, and for information technology, reservations and electronic distribution. He was principally responsible for the overhaul of Northwest’s domestic and international route systems to concentrate on its hubs at Detroit, Minneapolis, Memphis and Japan, for its fleet strategy including the bold and historic decision to modify and refurbish its DC-9 fleet, and for developing and executing Northwest's pathbreaking alliance strategy, including its historic joint venture with KLM.

As a government official, Levine was instrumental in bringing about airline deregulation. In 1978 and 1979, he served as General Director, International and Domestic Aviation, (the senior staff position at the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board) and devised many of the mechanisms and practices used to deregulate the industry.

Mr. Levine was appointed by the President in 1987 to serve as a member of the Aviation Safety Commission, established by Congress to evaluate the Government's aviation safety and air traffic control activities and to recommend government efforts to ensure aviation safety in a deregulated industry. He served on a National Academy of Sciences committee, which reported in 1991 on airline service and safety since deregulation.

Levine has received recognition for all aspects of his work. He was named among the ten most influential pioneers in the history of commercial aviation by Airfinance Journal, received the Transportation Research Foundation’s Distinguished Lifetime Transportation Researcher award for lifetime achievement in 2000, and was the recipient of the Civil Aeronautics Board’s Distinguished Service Award in 1979.

Mr. Levine has been a consultant to numerous private and public organizations and serves on the Boards of the UNR Asbestos-Disease Claims Trust, which he chairs, and the Instut du Transport Aerien in Paris. In the past, he has served as a director of several public corporations.

Levine holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Reed College and a law degree from Yale. He did graduate study in economics at Yale and the University of Chicago, and has been an academic visitor at the London School of Economics.

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