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Sana Nasser
H.S. 455 Harry S Truman High School

Sana Q. Nasser, the award winning principal of Harry S Truman High School, Bronx, New York, has been a champion in the field of urban education for twenty five years. She was recognized as a Distinguished New York City Principal by Teachers’ College, Columbia University in 2007. In 2006, she was named an Outstanding Public Educator by the educational not-for-profit organization, PENCIL. In that same year, Ms. Nasser was recognized with the 7th Congressional District’s Outstanding Service and Leadership Award. She was also awarded the 2005 Siemans Award for Science and Technology.

As a mathematics and science teacher at Roosevelt High School, Bronx, New York, she was immediately recognized for her strong work ethic and relentless pursuit of excellence. Early in her career, the scope of her responsibilities expanded outside the classroom to include facilitation of staff development, introduction of technology into the classroom, and teacher mentoring.

In 1989, Ms. Nasser was invited to join the office of Community School District 11’s Superintendent to serve as Assistant Director of Funded Programs. Preparing, monitoring, and evaluating budgets for reimbursable programs while monitoring data for Title I and PCEN programs. Her talents quickly earned her the Directorship of the department. In her new role as Director of Funded Programs, Ms. Nasser accepted responsibility for District 11’s entire reimbursable budget. Adding her characteristic ingenuity to the position, she collected, analyzed, and utilized district-wide data to assist schools in developing instructional programs. Under her leadership reading and mathematic scores on standardized tests increased.

A stalwart advocate for students, Sana Q. Nasser returned to the high school level in 1994 as Assistant Principal of Organization at Harry S Truman High School, Bronx, New York. In her role as the school’s second-in-command she assumed responsibility for one of the largest public high school facilities in New York City. During her tenure, she implemented innovative methods of school-wide budgeting, staff development, and facilities management. Additionally, Ms. Nasser created a program to help freshmen students successfully transition into high school.

In May of 1998, Ms. Nasser was appointed Principal of Harry S Truman High School, Bronx, New York. Now entering her twelfth year at the helm of one of the flagships of the Bronx, she has witnessed many changes in the New York City Department of Education; yet she remains on course. Staying true to her mission to tirelessly provide all students with a superior education thereby challenging each child to achieve his or her goals and beyond, Sana Q. Nasser has emerged as one of the preeminent educational leaders in the city of New York.

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