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If the accountability for teachers were collegial (rather than individual) then decisions about recruitment, quality, performance, evaluation, assignment, termination and perhaps even compensation could be internalized within the teacher group. This probably is the preferred model for professionals in most Do we need a new deal for teachers?
Let me ask: Do we assume that any 'new deal' would have to be general—uniform, implemented all at once everywhere for everybody? Or could we be trying different deals, different places at different times? Experimenting; testing, in other words. I Do we need a new deal for teachers?
Ted Hershberg talks about 'individual accountability' for the teacher. Is that better than collegial accountability for the group of teachers? Is individual accountability even workable? How would it work? The answer to Steve's question about finances probably is that, near-term Do we need a new deal for teachers?
In our second day, what say we try to have some more concrete discussion about what might represent a 'new deal' for teachers? Let's go back: What is now the teacher's job? What is now the teacher's role in the Do we need a new deal for teachers?
How many of us think it's possible to move teacher salaries up to the “professional” level with the job and the career structured as it has traditionally been? Peter Hutchinson, when superintendent in Minneapolis, used to note that a room Do we need a new deal for teachers?
Steve, I wonder if we can really expect any response from teachers or others without their knowing what the 'new deal' would be. So let me start there—by suggesting there are two separate concepts moving in the national discussion about Do we need a new deal for teachers?
A person close to one of the presidential candidates told me recently about a conversation she'd had with the AP education reporter. "You people covering Washington think the sun rises and sets on No Child Left Behind", my friend said. Do we need a basic rewrite of No Child Left Behind?
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