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What Market? John Thompson, I applaud your consideration of the plight of urban youth. However, you seem to have no understanding of market, because if you did, you would see the collapse of the economy as government failure. Just like Should we scrap No Child Left Behind?
Neil, you are spot on about the incentive problems in a bureaucratic system. I am sure you could also hit 'em on the moral hazards of government chosen content. But what really trumps all arguments is the inherent inability of Should we scrap No Child Left Behind?
Forced labor is wrong. Never mind the inherent inability of government to allocate resources rationally or stay within any proscribed boundaries. I hope that you advocates of mandatory service realize that what you are doing in actuality is threatening violence. What should universal national service look like?
There is tragic irony here. Prof. Abbott says he 1) wants a systemic approach to the problem and 2) believes that school admins are hampered by politics. 1) None of the experts in this discussion will address the question of How can we restore order and respect in public schools?
Carl, quick reply: 1) The Fed Reserve, not a market institution, helped create the bubble 2) When corporations commit fraud or fail in the market, a market without the opportunity for government bail-out or military contracts that is, they Why is there so much school bureaucracy and what can we do about it?
In the market, firms that reach bloated or lazy stage are ripe for overthrow by underdogs that serve customers better. Market discipline requires firms to be able to calculate economically, which requires prices and the profit/loss evaluation that comes with Why is there so much school bureaucracy and what can we do about it?
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